Why do people find it easy just to disappear ? I never understood nor will I ever why it is simple for some people to seize communication of all sorts.

I understand all people are not the same. We have our own physiological set up and especially when you are a woman your hormone plays tricks on you. But at the end we are a rational being. We think,  we reason with each other.

If you don’t talk with me, after taking your considerable amount of time, how would I know what you are thinking.

I find it to be completely inconsiderate, rude and inconceivable when someone that I have been calling my best friend does such a thing.



via Thank you for damping me!

An odd thing to say? Well not so much when you are in a stagnant relationship. I have dated a guy for 5 years and well I was not happy. Not the entire 5 years but to be honest I don’t recall the time I was really happy with him. Maybe the first 3 months when it was all date nights and movies. Then we had sex which felt like nothing. I never did get what the fuss all about. I  thought I was the one with the problem. Then come the first quarrel and the first make up minus the sex. Then comes the first physical abuse, the insult, the comparison and the dissing. Then comes the second the third and it stuck along.

I got used to the whole thing, I couldn’t image myself leaving this guy so I just stuck around till he damped me. Yes, for someone who considers herself as a “feminist” I stuck around, which I shouldn’t have done. But I did.

Then damped. Big shock …yes… cause he caught me off guard. I was told the famous break up speech “it’s not you…it’s me”. At that point my life looked like a badly written soap opera. I was a mess and I was a cliché.

Then comes the upgrade. I took my messed up life and put it in a processer, in a shredder then I gave it a paint job, did a makeover and put it out for another ride. No test ride. I just put it out on the market. It actually worked out well. I have accomplished so much with in the two years that I have in the wasted 5 years. I finished my second masters, I travelled, I made and lost friends I enjoyed sex, I experimented.

Yes I have pimped my life professionally and personally.

So dear ex I dearly thank you for damping me.

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